Lake Trout Ice Fishing With Livescope PLUS (LVS 34)

Jay Siemens

Jay Siemens

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Ice fishing for Lake Trout is definitely one of my favourites! Had a great time chasing lakers last April at Viking Lodge in Northern Manitoba. So much fun watching these guys on the livescope! Viking Lodge: 🤍 Fishing In Manitoba: 🤍 Summit Shuttle: 🤍 LVS34 (new livescope PLUS transducer): 🤍3tVgWfvJig Jig (Frostbite Headspin Jig): 🤍 Plastic (Frostbite Derby Slayer): 🤍 Rod (Frostbite Mister Big): 🤍 Suit (Eskimo Roughneck): 🤍 Shack (Eskimo 450 XD): 🤍 Ion Alpha Auger: 🤍 Catch And Cook Gift Bundles: 🤍 EDITED BY BRANDON BEILER: 🤍🤍 #huntfishmb

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Lake Trout Ice Fishing With Livescope PLUS (LVS 34)
Lake Trout Ice Fishing With Livescope PLUS (LVS 34)
Lake Trout Ice Fishing With Livescope PLUS (LVS 34)
Lake Trout Ice Fishing With Livescope PLUS (LVS 34)
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2023-02-11 03:03:51

Fishing is all pain and glory mixed together 😆

2022-12-25 04:49:07


2022-12-15 02:43:11

Any chance you’d share what your settings are?

2022-12-10 06:27:44

The lakers on Lake Superior when it freezes are nuts. My buddies and I will fish 60-80ft. We've had so many fly up 20-40ft up the column to grab a tube or bucktail. It never gets old

2022-12-08 21:12:01

Hey Jay, how do you keep your camera batteries from dying in the cold? My Sony and Panasonic batteries are dead by the time I get out in the field for duck hunts or before I can get my hut up for ice fishing. Even if I keep the battery in my jacket pocket or in my chest pocket.

2022-12-03 12:55:12

Lake Trout us NOT a trout. A trout is a trout. And a CHAR is a char, what u call a lake trout is a char not a trout. In Europe lake trout is called The Canadian Char

2022-12-02 02:04:38

The Live Scope: A blessing and a curse

2022-11-30 05:28:47

Dude with all the fancy gear catching fewer fish 😂. Money can’t buy everything folks.

2022-11-29 10:38:40

Not big on the new handle design on the new ION...bought the G2 last's awesome...i'm sure the new one is just as good or better.

2022-11-29 04:09:07

Why can’t you catch fish without livescope? Guess it’s for the intermediate type.

2022-11-28 23:46:46

For those of us looking to get into live imaging, the discounted lvs 32 systems are now 1299.99 Canadian. The lvs 34 is 2199. Would you still opt for the lvs 34, do the improvements warrant that kind of price difference? I've watched your comparison just wondering how you feel given the large price differences now.

2022-11-28 04:49:24

Watching in Nebraska. Waiting on the ice and learning from you Jay. Keep it up man.

2022-11-27 20:52:45

Your so lucky to be ice fishing, poor Saskatchewan lakes not frozen yet...

2022-11-27 20:14:58

more laker vids Jay! Great vid man

2022-11-27 18:20:26

Its way to cold to be fishing there. Wait till spring....Go to Walmart if you need fish now.

2022-11-27 17:40:23

hows the cabin on lake f the woods coming around Jay?

2022-11-27 14:13:12

You can tell last years videos by the Ice, yes. But also by the visible look of exhaustion on Jays face. By the end of ice fishing I think we’re all ready for the boat.

2022-11-26 19:51:12

Pitching up my livescope plus today can't wait for hard water. Do you have a settings video?

2022-11-26 03:44:37

Nice !

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