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Inside The $3 Billion New Terminal of Abu Dhabi Airport


Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A has opened. I visited the brand new terminal that completely changed the travel experience. Covering 742,000 square meters, it is one of the largest airport terminals in the world. The $3 billion building, which is triple the size of the old terminal, is set to double the current airport's capacity and manage up to 45 million passengers per year. It's capable of handling 79 planes at once and 11,000 passengers per hour. Stands at the center of the new terminal at Abu Dhabi airport is Sana Al‐Nour, a unique structure and the largest public artwork in the Middle East. The departure area features 12 check-in rows with self check-in counter. There are dedicated check-in areas for Etihad Business and First Class passengers. At the airside, I visited the new Etihad Airways First Class and Business Class lounge in Terminal A. The impressive new lounge spans three floors of Terminal A’s. Check out all the lounge features in my video. Etihad’s First Class lounge features restaurant-style dining and private rooms. Abu Dhabi International Airport is being renamed as Zayed International Airport, with the official new name to take effect from February 9.

The Best of Dubai Airshow 2023 - Complete Show Highlight


This is the grand finale video of the most extraordinary and largest edition of Dubai Airshow. The Dubai Airshow 2023 features 190+ aircraft on static and flying display, a showcase of over 1,400 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors. I started my visit to the airshow by flying over the entire site onboard a helicopter by Air Chateau. There are many aircraft to visit. First, I visited the Boeing 777X; the world’s largest twin-engine aircraft and received updates from the crew and engineer at Boeing. Then, I went on board the new branding of SAUDIA B787-10. Next, I visited Beond Airlines, all Business Class leisure airline flying to and from the Maldives. The world’s first Passenger to Freighter A320 is also on display with India’s Pradhaan Air as the operator. I interviewed Egypt Air Chairman and CEO Eng. Yahia Zaharia about their latest orders inside the new Egypt Air A321neo. Then I checked out the “Big Twin” which is the world’s first B777-300/ERSF converted freighter. Riyadh Air just released its second livery at the Dubai Airshow while Etihad Airways showcased its new Business Class suite onboard the B787. In the exhibition hall, I visited Strata which builds components for OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, and Pilatus. Emirates is showing the employee experience through AI and virtual at their stand. Finally, I met up with the 2 UAE astronauts, Hazza and Sultan at the Mohammad bin Rashid Space Center at the airshow. Aviation is back in full swing through the orders and numbers of investments demonstrated at this airshow. The one final element is the humanity displayed at the airshow. It has been an incredible 5 days at the Dubai Airshow 2023. See you next time! 0:00 Introduction 1:01 Air Chateau Helicopter 1:43 Boeing 777X 5:02 Mohammad bin Rashid Space Center 6:10 SAUDIA B787-10 9:28 Beond Airlines A319 11:52 Pradhaan Air A320P2F 12:46 Airbus A350-1000 flying display 13:10 EgyptAir A321neo 15:01 Dubai Airshow 2023 Aircraft Orders 15:20 B777-300/ERSF “Big Twin” 17:38 Strata 19:29 Sam Chui fans meet at The Studio 20:51 Riyadh Air Announcement 23:32 Etihad B787-9 New Interiors 26:36 Emirates For more Dubai Airshow coverage, please visit my blog: 🤍 EgyptAir photo credit: Simone Chellini/Airways

Flying the New SAUDIA - Arabian Adventure to Al Ula 🇸🇦


I flew on SAUDIA A321neo with the airline’s new branding from Riyadh to Al Ula, the new Saudi tourism destination. Throughout the flight, SAUDIA shows its new branding and product onboard. The crew has changed into a new uniform. Let me know what you think of SAUDIA’s new livery and branding? The landscape changed dramatically as we approached Al Ula. Enjoy the cockpit footage of the landing at Al Ula International Airport. The scenery at Al Ula is captivating with strange-shaped stones along the highway. We visited “The Maraya” which is the world’s biggest mirror building standing in the middle of nature with sharp reflections. After a short lunch in the old town of Al Ula, we headed to Hegra; a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was the southern city of the Nabataean kingdom, famed for its spectacular monumental tombs. We ended the day trip at the Elephant Rock before heading back to board the SAUDIA flight to Riyadh. On the way back, I experienced SAUDIA’s regional business class and gave my feedback on the seat and service.

Which Airline has the Best and Worst Economy Class Seat?


Get an exclusive Surfshark Black Friday deal! Enter promo code SAM to get up to 6 additional months for free at 🤍 Which Airlines has the Best and Worst Economy Class Leg Room? There’s an impression that Economy seats are now more cramped. Seat backs are thinner than they once were. More seats got squeezed in each row. In this video, I listed 10 airlines that have the worst legroom. But you can also find some good Economy seats from this video.   The Japanese carriers really stand out of the pack in Economy Class. Japan Airlines is the world’s only airline to offer 8 abreast on the 787. All other airlines squeeze in one more seat with 9 seats per row on the 787. Over time, Airlines also found ways to squeeze one more seat in each row (10 abreast) on the Boeing 777. In the video, I present a list of airlines that still has just 9 seats per row on the 777 which give you more width.   Air New Zealand and ANA have a pretty unique product to allow you to lie flat in Economy. Air New Zealand also has a future lie flat option called Skynest that provides passenger bunk space to lie flat in Economy.   The A380 – The world’s biggest passenger airliner are passenger’s favorite. There is 1 special seat on the main deck of the A380 that has amazing legroom. Find out more in the video. Asiana, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, and Emirates (2 class) A380 have Economy on upper deck seating which is quieter and more exclusive. More and more airlines are upselling their economy Class. At the forward section of Economy and at exit rows, you will find Economy Plus or Economy space which has a couple more inches of legroom. At the end of the video, explore some of the best Premium Economy airline products.

Etihad A380 First Class Apartment - World’s Best?


The king of the skies - A380 is back at Etihad. I sampled some of the finest First Class premium experiences onboard Etihad A380 from London to Abu Dhabi. Etihad A380s were grounded and stored in Teruel, Spain. Earlier this year, the airline made an announcement that 4 of its A380 will be returning to service flying between London and Abu Dhabi. The Captain gave a thorough briefing of the flight and how the crew has to re-qualify to fly on the A380. Enjoy the takeoff footage from the cockpit. Etihad has 9 First Class apartments in unique seating configurations. The best seat is window seat 4A and 4K with forward facing. During the flight, I sampled their First Class offerings of pajamas, amenities, food, and beverage including caviar and steak cooked to my liking. The ottoman can be converted into a flatbed while you still have space. This unconventional design makes the Etihad First Class apartment stand out. I was even offered a shower at 39,000 feet. Before landing, I have an opportunity to visit The Residence which is a 3-room suite with your own living room, bathroom and bedroom. After the flight, I gave my full verdict on Etihad A380 First Class.

The $20,000 Residence on Etihad A380


There's nothing like The Residence in commercial air travel. The Residence is above First Class; with a living room, separate bedroom and en-suite shower room, it is the only three-room suite on a commercial airline in the world. It is indeed the World's Premiere Flying Experience. I hadn't flown The Residence in 2 years and I was very keen to re-live this fantastic experience, so I decided to dress up for the occasion. This flight was Etihad's inaugural A380 service from Abu Dhabi to Seoul Incheon. On the return flight from Incheon to Abu Dhabi (next episode), I will be back in Economy to see the differences in travel experience on the same plane. - Join me for my third, spectacular experience in Etihad Airway’s The Residence! The Residence is completely out of this world within the field of luxury, commercial passenger aviation, far surpassing any first class service that you might care to mention. It is unique in so many ways from providing the only, true double bed in a public, commercial aviation setting within your cabin to the provision of your own personal butler whilst in The Residence lounge and also whilst up in the air, trained in the prestigious Savoy Hotel in London. I take the inaugural flight from Abu Dhabi international airport to Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea at the invitation of Etihad Airways, celebrating the launch of this new route in The Residence. I will be making the return journey in economy class in my next video guys, so watch out for that one! If you’d like to see my first and second Residence experiences, you can see these in my videos here: 🤍 🤍 The Residence flying experience provides a home from home on the ground and then in the sky where any need or desire you could think of is expertly and carefully taken of. The Residence experience starts with being chauffeur driven in a luxury car (typically Audi, BMW or Mercedes) to the first class, VIP terminal of the airport where you are met by your personal luggage carrier, butler and chef. Whilst waiting for your flight, you are housed in your own little palace with access to a spa (I opt to have an extremely relaxing and very nice and pleasant foot massage) and even a smoking room, lavishly decorated and stocked with the finest cigars, including Cuban, from around the world. Your own personal chef is on hand to deliver a Michelin Star level of dining experience, with each dish being hand crafted to your requirements and set in front of you with an explanation of each of the components of the dish before you begin eating. There are a wide variety of premium wines, spirits, beers and champagne to choose from. Within your Residence lounge, there is a large, wall-mounted television and library. The Residence on the ground experience is absolutely sublime and a true masterpiece of comfort and service for the passenger. At the gate to the aeroplane, I am met by the person who is to be my butler in the air. He introduces himself and up in the air, it’s clear that he cares – that’s what’s so great about Etihad Airway’s The Residence – the personal touch. They have researched my background before the day and present me with a number of aviation magazines to read and enjoy on the flight, as well as a framed photo of myself and a certificate to commemorate my travelling on this inaugural flight with Etihad in The Residence. I am extremely impressed with the food I receive on the flight, with a delicious steak and chips being put before me as the main course and delicious little Asian sandwiches with succulent meat as a starter. I am also treated to Bellini Cipriani wine and a wonderful post-dinner digestif of Cellar 28 Remy Martin – greater opulence you couldn’t imagine, honestly! After dinner, I can sprawl out on my double bed and watch TV in private, after taking a very relaxing and refreshing shower in my private bathroom on board. After sleeping, I rub my eyes to see my personal butler bringing a luxurious and mouth-watering breakfast of waffles and raspberries, served with champagne to get me in the mood to face a new day before we land. Overall, I am once again bowled over by Etihad’s provision for me within The Residence class on board and I hold Etihad Airway’s The Residence in the highest regard. Would did you think of the whole fantastic experience? Let me know in the comments – as always, I am very pleased to share these gems of an aviation experience with you, my audience, and I thank you for watching.

16 Hours in Emirates Premium Economy vs Business Class


I flew on Emirates A380 from Los Angeles to Dubai. This video features a close look of Emirates Premium Economy and Business Class on this ultra long haul flight. I boarded the long flight and settled in Business Class which has updated interior of white leather seats. The flight had a small delay so I took the opportunity to experience Premium Economy Class. There were just a few passengers taking advantage of the Premium Economy cabin as Emirates has just added Premium Economy on US A380 flights including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and New York. Flight attendant showed me the seat functions and I gave my recommendation of the best seats in Emirates Premium Economy. During the flight, I checked out the meals served and compared those of Premium Economy with Economy Class. I was given some behind-the-scenes tips on how the Emirates crew operated the A380. At the end of the flight, I gave my verdict on flying in both Emirates Premium Economy and Business Class.

ANA New Pokémon Eevee Jet + B777 First Class Tokyo to London


I was invited to the Pokemon Eevee Jet unveil event in Tokyo with a newly painted ANA B777-300/ER featuring Pokemon character Pikachu and Eevee. I was supposedly to fly from Tokyo to London in ANA First Class “The Suite” on the Eevee Jet the next day… ANA flight from Tokyo Haneda to London use the new Terminal 2 International facility. I visited the new ANA Suite Lounge, it was quiet and spacious but I found it lacked privacy. At the gate, there was some disappointing news, the new Eevee Jet went tech and was substituted by a B777 in ANA regular livery. Nevertheless, passengers still received the Pokemon souvenir during boarding. The ANA First Class Suite was impressively wide and came with all the usual First Class amenities such as comfort kit, pajamas and even a cardigan on loan to passengers. Flight time to London was over 14 hours with unusual routing flying North via the Bering Sea, Alaska, Arctic Circle, and Greenland. This is to bypass the Russian airspace due to current restrictions. After takeoff, I went to check out ANA Economy and Premium Economy product offerings. The Japanese airline offers better meals and legroom in Economy. Back to First Class, I enjoyed a five-course dining and went behind the scenes on how the crew prepares Japanese Washoku meal onboard. We flew past some incredible sceneries over the Arctic and Greenland on the way to London. Before landing, I gave my thoughts on the ANA First Class product.

The World's LONGEST Flight - QANTAS London to Sydney


An in-depth trip report on-board Qantas Project Sunrise London to Sydney non-stop research flight QF7879. Check out all the unusual flight details, research, well brings and the secret of double sunrise on the World’s Longest non-stop flight. The flight is not a typical passenger flight; it is a delivery flight and a research flight. The brand new Boeing 787-9, VH-ZNJ painted in Qantas special Centenary livery operated this history making flight in just 19 hours and 19 minutes from London to Sydney non-stop covering over 17,000km! (10,500 miles) Qantas has named its endeavor “Project Sunrise” after the airline’s historic ‘Double Sunrise’ endurance flights during the Second World War, which remained airborne long enough to see two sunrises. This flight is a prove of overcoming the final frontier of aviation, linking non-stop flights from East Coast of Australia to London and New York. For more details, please visit my blog: 🤍

Flying the COMAC C919 - China's Game Changer?


I just flew on China’s new airplane COMAC C919 from Shanghai to Chengdu with China Eastern Airlines. It’s been more than 3 years since I last visited mainland China. The flight was a pleasant and modern one for me and many other aviation enthusiasts. Powered by the same CFM leap engines, the C919 shares many similarities with Airbus and Boeing. My flight took almost 3 hours, flying at 34,000 ft with a maximum speed of Mach 0.78. During the flight, I experienced both C919 Business and Economy class seat features, the lavatory and galley. The middle seat width on C919 is half an inch wider to compensate for the shoulder room like A220. I spoke with the operating crew about their training and operation on the new C919. At the end of the flight, I gave my verdict as a passenger on the C919. In short, the C919 needs to prove itself in commercial service that it can meet the economics and the required efficiency. Currently, there are over 500 orders by Chinese airlines and leasing companies but the future success depends on foreign certification of this airplane.

How Die Cast Airplane Models Are Made? World’s Biggest Model Collection


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 and enter promo code SAM to get 83% off and 3 months for free! I visited an airplane model factory in Southern China where airplane die cast models were made. The staff walked me through each process from polishing metal to painting and assembly. Just the pad printing process could be 200-300 times due to the fine details of airline liveries. Many processes are manual and require precision. It was an eye-opener to see how airplane models are made! Then I met with Todd, one of the biggest airplane model collectors at The Airplane Shop. He walked me through some of the latest GeminiJets interactive series which feature open nose door on B747, flaps down and side cargo doors. Todd showed me some of his favorite models including American Airlines B747, Air India B747, Cathay Pacific Convair 880 and JAL Disney Sea B747-400. Stephen Koulouthros, one of the biggest airplane model collectors with thousands showcased his collection in Panama. His collection includes a rare 1:3 scale Embraer 195. The video also included other collector’s models at the end to celebrate the hobby.

My Scariest Flight - Bomb Threat Onboard IL-86


After flying over 2,000 flights and 3 million miles, I am revealing my worst flight experience and scariest flight ever. It was onboard a Siberia Airlines IL-86 from Novosibirsk to Beijing in 2004. Ilyushin-86 is the first wide body airplane from the Soviet Union and it was the second four engine wide body airplane built in the world, preceded by the Boeing 747. The IL-86 is powered by 4 Kuznetsov NK-86 engines, these engines are underpowered and limit the range of IL-86 with full payload. The IL-86 has unique pull down stairs, which eliminates the need for airport infrastructure to board the plane. There are two decks, passengers board and store their luggage on lower deck before proceeding to their seats on the upper deck. There are no overhead bins in the centre, which gives the cabin a more spacious feel. There was a potential bomb threat on my IL-86 flight in September 2004 in Russia. During the boarding, 2 suspicious men went to the bathroom and then requested to leave the airplane after boarding. Russia was in a state of high alert during that period as the flight took place just after the Beslan School siege, in which 300 lost their lives and over 700 more were injured. Security forces came onboard with sniffer dogs to search the plane and passengers were sent back to terminal for additional security and interviews. After 3 hours we were cleared for take-off on the same plane, without the 2 suspicious men onboard. The IL-86 flew below a low weather pressure system over Siberia and shook violently all the way during the 4 hour flight to Beijing. This was probably the only time I wanted to leave a plane early. Footage used in the video from the following channels. Check out their channels: Loran: 🤍 TivatCZ: 🤍 Report Aero: 🤍 Ёжичек: 🤍

Factory New Boeing 777 Cargo Delivery Flight - Silk Way West


I visited Boeing factory in Everett, WA and got on the delivery flight of a brand new 777 Freighter of Silk Way West Airlines. In this vlog, I documented the Boeing delivery flight details onboard the world’s largest twin-engine freighter, the Boeing 777F. The delivery flight started with dispatch inside the Boeing delivery center, with pilot briefing on weather and routing. I went onboard the brand new 777 cargo plane, discovering the massive cargo hold with 105 tons of cargo capacity. In front, there are 4 seats for supernumerary, a small galley, and crew bunk. It was different, no cockpit door, no flight attendant here to serve you… Flight time from Everett/Paine Field to Baku was 13 hours and 5 minutes with 4 pilots onboard including a Boeing training captain. We were treated to a full moon rising not long after takeoff. As the sky got darker gradually, we were treated to another phenomenon, the northern light! It was beyond words. During the flight, I chatted with the flight engineer about configuration and their work before delivery. Their work actually started 1 year ago before the plane was built! The pilot told me the new airplane needed to activate Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) in order to fly in the busy airspace. Silk Way’s B777F also needs to acquire ETOPS 180 minutes approval since the airline was only operating 4 engine B747. Before landing, I share about how to get on a delivery flight.

The Complete Emirates A380 First Class Review


The Complete Review of Emirates Airline A380 First Class. I flew on Emirates EK131 from Dubai to Moscow in First Class. Before the flight, I experienced the Emirates First Class Lounge. Once on board, I was given an introduction to the First Class Suite, First Class amenities, on-demand dining, and onboard lounge (Bar). Later, I even took a shower at the onboard shower and spa at 40,000ft. Amazing hospitality from all the Emirates crew.

World’s Shortest and Longest Flights - From 53 Seconds to 20 Hours!


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 and enter promo code SAM to get 83% off and 3 months for free! What’s it like to fly on World’s Shortest 53 seconds flight or fly on the World’s Longest 20 hours flight non-stop?   The shortest flight in the world is between Westray and Papa Westray, the flight distance is just 2 miles. These two islands are part of the Orkney Islands off the shore of Scotland. One way ticket cost 17 pounds for the 2-minute flight. Sometimes it can go as fast as 53 seconds from takeoff to landing, depending on the direction of the wind. What’s the shortest jet flight in the world? Air France uses a widebody 777 to fly 16 miles from Brazzaville to Kinshasa. This is also the world's shortest international flight - A flight that lasts for an average of 14 minutes. The longest non-stop commercial flight in the world happened during COVID in 2020. Air Tahiti Nui operated nonstop flights from Papeete, Tahiti to Paris, covering a distance of 9,765 miles made possible by a crew of four pilots with eastbound tailwinds. Currently, the longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight is between Singapore and New York with Singapore Airlines. The route was launched in 2004 initially flown by A340-500 then it was re-launched in 2018 with A350-900 ULR.  There is no economy class on this flight! The Pilot gave an interesting briefing about the 3 different routes this flight can take… Qantas in 2025 will be launching the world’s longest flight between Sydney and London, covering a distance of 10,573 miles. I was onboard QANTAS project sunrise trial flight in 2019 from London to Sydney with seeing double sunrise. Qantas currently also flies the World’s second-longest flight between Perth and London and third longest flight between Melbourne and Dallas. Research: Sharad Ranabhat

Air to Air Flight with Turkish Airlines A350 and B787


Get ready for an epic journey above the clouds! Join me for a very close encounter with the magnificent A350 and B787 of Turkish Airlines in mid-air. This video discovers how an epic air-to-air photo shoot of Turkish Airlines A350 and B787 is made over the skies of Istanbul. Starting the day at dawn from a hangar at Istanbul Airport, the AirBorneFilms crew were busy preparing for the photo shoot. At 8am, we took off in the chase plane, a TBM 700 and flew above the Bosphorus Strait over Istanbul city. A Turkish Airlines A350 suddenly appeared and flew very close to us side by side. Onboard our chase plane, film Director Eric and the pilot are constantly in touch with the Turkish Airlines pilots for the best photo positions. A gimbal is mounted below the wing of our chase plane to capture 360 degrees of view. In the afternoon, I boarded a Turkish Airlines B787 to participate in the second part of the photo shoot. The pilot flew the B787 in orbits and slowed down to 160 knots for the best filming. The end result was stunning from both shoots. At the end of the flight, the filming crew explains the key to capturing a successful air-to-air photo shoot.

Pakistan’s Most Exciting Flight - Flying Over “Roof of the World”


I flew to Skardu in the north of Pakistan. This is one of the most scenic and exciting flights in the country. Captain Majid from PIA gave a quick briefing on the ATR-42-500 flight. Soon after takeoff from Islamabad, the plane flew directly over the mountains in the north of Pakistan. It was a clear winter day of flying. The passengers are treated to a ‘one of a kind’ experience – a sky dance of the Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges which include some of the highest peaks in the world. You can see Nanga Parbat (8,125m), Rakaposhi (7,788m), and above all, the spectacular K-2 (the second highest peak in the world) towering above all others at 8,611 meters. The approach into Skardu was very tricky and no turning back once past the “decision point”. Pilot need to perform a “Z” shaped bend called a Zulu Bend, flying between a few mountain peaks before the Skardu valley appears. After landing, I was given a quick tour as far as the Shangrila resort in Skardu. Check out the scenery and environment of Skardu. It is a hidden gem and has huge potential for tourism. Skardu airport has recently been upgraded to an international airport status. They’re constructing a new 6km runway. I flew PIA A320 on my way back. We flew past all the tall mountains with a clear view from the cockpit. It is truly the Air Safari.

Behind the Scenes - How Emirates Train Their New Cabin Crew?


I visited the Emirates Aviation Training College in Dubai where Emirates train their cabin crew. The new Emirates cabin crew (ab initio) went through an intensive 8 weeks of training and exams to be qualified to fly. I was given a behind-the-scenes tour of Emirates new cabin crew training including safety and emergency procedure (SEP) such as sliding, aircraft ditching, smoke and fire in the cabin. Then I observed First Aid Training (GMT) including CPR and newborn baby delivery. After that, I visited the image and uniform to see how the new flight attendants get groomed to Emirates standard. Last, I went inside the mock-up aircraft trainer to observe the new cabin crew service delivery. Emirates Aviation Training College is the world's largest Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 training facility— including flight simulators, pool for ditching exercises, emergency slides and real firefighting simulators. Mock cabin interiors, specialised training rooms and virtual, game-based training scenarios complete the immersive and realistic training environment. On average, 120 new cabin crew graduate from the Emirates Aviation Training College each week.

Brazil Flying Adventure - Azul A350, Cessna Caravan to Rio + Santos Dumont


I visited Brazil and flew on the largest plane in AZUL fleet; the A350 from Paris to São Paulo Campinas, then I flew on the smallest plane in the AZUL fleet, a Cessna Grand Caravan to Rio de Janeiro. This vlog is about my flying adventure in Brazil. My first AZUL Airlines flight left from Paris Orly in the evening hours. The Prime Class lounge in Orly provided some good plane-spotting opportunities. The Brazilian cockpit crew explained the flight route, flight time, and flight level (40,000 ft). We took off with 250 passengers and 245 tons of weight. During the flight, I tried out the Business Class product of AZUL and checked out the meals on offer in Economy Class as well. After landing, I traveled by car to São Paulo Congonhas Airport in the city to fly on the Cessna Grand Caravan to Rio. It was a fun and scenic flight. Leaving the massive São Paulo city, it didn’t take long for the green rural scenery to appear and it gets better by the minute. We flew around the coastline towards Rio at 9,000 ft, cruising around 145 knots. The flight took about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and the distinctive landscape of Rio de Janeiro appeared. The weather was so great in Rio, seems the whole town is out at the beach. I took the cable car to the Sugar Loaf for some plane spotting at one of the most spectacular airports; Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro.

My Kenya Airways Flight - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


I flew on Kenya Airways B787 Dreamliner from Nairobi to Dubai. In this video, I will share with you my experience of flying Kenya Airways. I visited both The Simba and The Pride Lounge of Kenya Airways in Nairobi Airport. The Pride Lounge is much bigger and more comfortable in my opinion. The boarding process was not smooth, my flight was delayed due to the late and slow boarding process. Once onboard, the Kenya Airways crew were friendly and attentive. The Business Class is arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seat can go 180 degrees fully flat but with little privacy. After takeoff, a simple and underwhelming dinner is served. At the end of the flight, I give my verdict on flying Kenya Airways.

Lufthansa's €2 Billion New Cabin - First Class Double Suite


I flew on Lufthansa B747-8 from Los Angeles to Germany to see their new "Allegris" cabin product launch. The current Lufthansa Business Class seats have some shortcomings and lack privacy. I flew on the upper deck of the legendary B747. Lufthansa unveiled its €2.5 Billion cabin upgrade program "Allegris". The most impressive product is on Lufthansa First Class which features a floor-to-ceiling double suite in the middle. The suite can convert into a double bed with a 43" TV screen. Lufthansa's new Business Class also features a 2m long bed and suite. There are up to 7 different seat configurations in Business Class. Watch the video for the details. Less impressive are the Premium Economy and Economy, those are fairly standard and without much improvement in my opinion. In the video, I gave my impression, pros and cons after trying out these seats.

Flying Ethiopian Airlines - How They Became the Biggest in Africa?


I flew on an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 from Vienna to Addis Ababa. Find out Ethiopian Airlines latest onboard product in both Business Class and Economy class. The flight was overnight and took 5 hours and 45 minutes. Before landing, a beautiful sunrise greeted all passengers. Join me for landing inside the cockpit of Boeing 787. After landing, I toured the passenger terminal and up to 10,000 passengers in the morning transit at Addis Ababa Bole Airport making it the busiest hub in Africa. I was given a tour of the Ethiopian Airlines Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility where a Boeing 767 is undergoing cargo conversion. Then I went inside an Ethiopian A350 passenger freighter full of cargo in the cabin. Last, I went on a day tour in Addis Ababa city. In next episode, I continue to explore Ethiopia and flew on their new A350 across Africa to Cape Town. Video: 🤍

Inside Aircraft Heavy Maintenance - Flying Azul Embraer + A330neo


I took a flight from one of the most spectacular airports; Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo Campinas with Azul Embraer 195. The captain explained about the special operation in and out of Santos Dumont, it required manual precision landing and full power short field takeoff. Watch how my flight departed the airport with just 1,320m long runway! In Campinas Airport, I visited Azul Airlines maintenance and engineering facility. I was shown an Azul A330 on jacks without wheels and going through landing gear maintenance and changes. Mr Jorge, a manager at the facility showed me carbon fiber and composite materials, repairs of interiors and components such as nose, elevator, engine reverser, wiring, batteries and paint hangar. If you’re interested in aircraft engineering, this is the place for you! In the evening, I flew out of Campinas for Lisbon on Azul A330neo with brand new interior. Watch how the pilot flies the A330neo from the camera in the cockpit.

The Final Airbus A380 - The Last Delivery Flight


16 Dec 2021 was a historical and sad day for A380 fans, Airbus has just delivered the last A380 MSN272 to customer Emirates Airline. In total, 251 A380s have been built. The new aircraft, registered as A6-EVS, is Emirate's 123rd Airbus A380 superjumbo jet. It is also the final A380 aircraft to join the Emirates’ fleet. I visited the brand new A380 in Dubai and interviewed Captain Dwayne Walker who flew it out of the Airbus factory in Hamburg. He spoke about the go-around after takeoff to commemorate the occasion. He also spoke about the future operation of the A380 in Emirates. Next, I met up with an engineer Amjad, who showed me all the items the ground engineering team installed while the new airplane arrived in Dubai. I will never forget seeing the maiden A380 departure in Toulouse on 27th April 2005. It is hard to believe that the A380 is now saying goodbye to the Airbus factory, just 16 years later. The A380 has touched the lives of so many passengers by setting new standards in terms of flying and travel experience. Wish the new A380 many more happy landings! Cover Thumbnail: Airbus

Fight Breaks Out Onboard Dramatic Syrian Air B747SP Flight


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 and enter promo code SAM to get 85% off and 3 months for free! This video is sponsored by Surfshark VPN. Back in March 2008, I flew on Syrian Air B747SP-94 YK-AHB “Arab Solidarity” from Dubai to Aleppo. It was amazing to fly the B747-SP on this short flight, but it was full of drama and chaos. The flight suffered a 12-hour marathon delay in Dubai Airport, due to a broken part. Syrian Air flew in their own mechanic to do the repairs. After boarding, a fight broke out between the Captain and a frustrated passenger. During half way our destination was also changed, from Damascus to Aleppo! Thanks to our lengthy delay we were too late to land at Damascus Airport, as it had been closed for the Arab Summit. I was rather glad to have visited Aleppo city in 2008 before the war broke out later in Syria. It is great to see Aleppo Airport having been re-opened last year and welcoming traffic again. The Syrian Air B747-SP was sent for maintenance in Saudi Arabia, but has not returned to service since the civil war broke out in Syria.

Korean Air B747-8 First Class - World's Longest 747 Flight


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 and enter promo code SAM to get 83% off and 3 months for free! I flew on a Korean Air Boeing 747-8 from Atlanta to Seoul Incheon in First Class. This is the current longest Boeing 747 flight in the world with over 7,100 miles and with 15-16 hours of flying time. Check out the Korean Air First Class Suite (Kosmo Suite II) and its amenities. During the flight, I tried out the Korean Bibimbap, which is served across all classes on Korean Air. I also learned about Korean culture from the Korean cabin crew. For many of us, the journey itself is the most exciting part of the trip. Korean Air B747-8 First Class is one fine example of luxury travel with a fully enclosed private suite, fine dining, amenities and attentive service. The only thing missing is the Wi-Fi connectivity to make the experience perfect.

My WORST Flight Experiences - What Happened on These Flights?


What was your worst flight experience? I recently experienced some of the most uncomfortable, expensive, and basic services on my recent flights. I had an uncomfortable flight on Southwest Airlines to Dallas. Nothing really went wrong. Just one of those days you have no shoulder room with 3 big guys in the same row. It was beyond a tight squeeze. Southwest has a free seating policy which is more speedy but has no guarantee of seat and space. The narrower width on the 737 didn’t help of course, I think A320 may be better in my situation with a wider fuselage. Next, I flew on Delta B717 to Atlanta. The flight time was 2 hours and there was only a snack available in First Class. This does not compare well with many international airlines which serve a full meal for the same length of the flight. It reflects the current state of airline service. The fares are much higher now but passengers are not getting more out of it. On my recent United flight from New York to LA, I was served very basic food and the spoon was not even cleaned and checked properly. United has probably one of the worst in-flight catering over the years. I’ve also had some good experiences recently on Bangkok Airways and Korean Air. All passengers on Bangkok Air can enjoy the airport lounge before the flight and receive a full meal on a 1-hour domestic flight. Bangkok Air footage: Jakkrit Prasertwit

Flying China’s Broken Air Force One - Air China B747-400


I made an attempt to fly on China’s former Air Force One - an Air China B747-400 but the plane broke down after boarding. What happened? The former Chinese Air Force One; B-2472 was used until 2020 and returned to Air China’s fleet. It is currently deployed on domestic trunk routes such as Beijing to Shenzhen. I started my journey at Beijing Capital Int’l Airport with a visit to the Air China domestic lounge. Boarding was swift and the B747-400 is showing its age with old recliner seats in Business Class. After pushback and engine start, we returned to the gate due to an unspecified mechanical issue. The delay went on for almost four hours and passengers were finally swapped to an even older B747-400; 28 years old B-2447 which was used by President Jiang Zemin before return back to Air China service. During the delay, passengers were furious with how Air China handle such an unexpected issue. The replacement 747 took off fast and climbed straight to 38,000 ft. I documented the in-flight service and tour around the whole plane. It was nostalgic to be able to fly on one of the last active B747-400 in China. The landing in Shenzhen was an extremely smooth one.

2023 NBAA-BACE: World’s Biggest Business Aviation Show


19:395:05I visited 2023 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas - the world’s biggest business aviation event. Tour the newest and most innovative business aircraft; Airbus ACJ Two Twenty is making her NBAA-BACE Debut. Let’s walk through this extra large private jet with 6 zones. L-shaped sofa, complete black-out window, California king-size bed and fully stand-up shower. NBAA-BACE is a popular marketplace for buying and selling planes. Expert spoke about their views on how the market is trending. I toured a Boeing 737-700 BBJ which is on sale with immaculate interiors. Many single-pilot jets are popular features at the show. Embraer’s Phenom 100EX made its global debut, and there are updates on Pilatus PC-24 and HondaJet Echelon. New electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicles are on display with live demonstration of Volocopter 2X eVTOL. WIsk Aero showing their 6th Gen aircraft and VoltAero from France introduced their hybrid turboprop; Cassio 330 concept aircraft. In the convention hall, I met with Kevin Larosa, an air-to-air stunt pilot and aerial co-ordinator who showcased his CineJet and explained how air-to-air filming was done in the Top Gun Maverick movie. Tennis champions Andre Agassi and Stefani Graf were the guests of NBAA-BACE keynote. They shared their aviation stories with me. Aircraft Featured In this video: 0:00 Introduction 0:56 Airbus ACJ Two Twenty 1:30 Boeing 737 BBJ 3:08 Volocopter 2X 5:05 Kevin Larosa CineJet 9:07 Pilatus PC-24 12:54 HondaJet Echelon 14:31 Embraer Phenom 100EX and 300E 17:14 Wisk 6th Gen Aircraft 19:39 VoltAero Cassio

Stormy Flight - Air France B777 NEW Business Class to New York


I flew on Air France's new Business Class seat on their refurbished B777-300/ER from Paris to New York. The weather in New York was bad with rain and low visibility. Watch the exciting landing at JFK. The newly configured Air France B777-300/ER has 48 Business Class suites, 48 Premium Economy class seats and 273 Economy seats. It features a privacy door in Business class. Row 1 and 9 has a massive footwell and extra room due to the bulkhead position. Air France’s new Premium Economy seat comes with a deep recline which is different from the current fixed shell design. 3 refurbished Air France 777-300/ER currently fly between Paris and JFK (AF22/15), Dakar and Rio with this new configuration. 9 more B777 will be refurbished by the end of this year. Before my flight, I visited the Air France Operation Control Center (OCC) to see how my flight was dispatched. A rare behind-the-scenes discovery! The weather in New York was very bad with rain and low visibility. Our plane was on hold for 40 minutes before cleared to ILS approach on Runway 13L. Watch the exciting landing at JFK.

Exclusive: Inside Vistara - India’s Best Airline??


Get Surfshark VPN at 🤍 and enter promo code SAM to get 83% off and 3 months for free! I go behind the scenes at Vistara Airlines training center to see how the airline trains its newly recruited cabin crew. Many of them were on their first day of airline training starting with imaging and makeup. The trainer talks about the expectation of the new hires. Then, I visited a recurrent training talking about how to deal with unruly passengers in India. At the training center, I met with Vistara CEO Vinod Kannan. He spoke about the merger plan with Air India and how the airline is still expanding fast despite the merger process. Next, I flew out of Delhi to Bangkok on Vistara A321neo. The airport in Delhi was busy and the Air India lounge left a lot to be desired. There are flatbed seat in Business Class on Vistara A321neo. During the flight, I explored the aircraft, product offering, and food menu.

Flying Serene Air A330 - The Reality of Aviation in Pakistan


I tried out Pakistan’s private airline Serene Air A330 from Islamabad to Karachi in Serene Plus (Business Class). The A330-200 has a proper 24 lie-flat seat in business class and 275 economy class. Serene Air A330 is currently the only wide-body airplane serving the domestic sector in Pakistan. During the flight, a snack was served on Serene Air in both economy and business class. I enjoyed the Malai Boti snack in Business Class. Aviation in Pakistan has huge potential due to the population but the reality is somewhat different. The airfares remain high and few can afford to fly. Lot of aggressive scheduling causes frequent delays. The country’s domestic market performs poorly in terms of available domestic seats divided by the population. More details are in my video. – Pakistan has about 0.03 seats per person, in comparison with India (0.16), Nepal (0.11) and Bangladesh (0.04). To date, the Pakistani aviation sector has been dealing with a large set of specific challenges: Political instability, security situations, inadequate infrastructure, poor safety culture, inconsistency in state policy, inconsistent tax laws, weak economic growth, poor access to investments and funds, lack of structural reforms and unsupportive economic policies. The Pakistani aviation sector can be described as ‘the large sleeping giant‘, which needs to wake up from the pandemic effects and immediately grab opportunities for a better future. A recent study by Bauer Aviation Advisory on snapshot of aviation in Pakistan: 🤍 Thanks to Bauer Aviation Advisory for the infographic: 🤍 Serene Air cover image by Shajie Hussain: 🤍

Double Decker Airplane Seat - Future Economy Class?


Future Economy Class Concept - double-decker seating on display at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023

Inside Emirates A380 Service Center - How Did They Bring an A380 Back to Life?


I visited Emirates Engineering in Dubai, which is the world's biggest A380 maintenance facility and can house up to 11 A380’s at one time. It was an eye-opening tour; I’ve seen so many interesting things that we normally wouldn’t have the chance to. First, I was shown an Emirates A380 currently going through a heavy 3C check; with all cabin interiors, seats, panels and bins removed. It is very different from the fully decked-out A380 that we normally fly on. Next, another A380 was being prepared to return to service after storage and was undergoing a gear retraction check (gear swing). The 575-ton A380 was on three jacks, with its landing gear up. The engineer explained all the necessary tasks for the A380 to return to service. Take a look at all the interior work being carried out. Next, I visited the cabin interior seat shop; where you can find all the seats (First, Business and Economy Class) that came off the airplane and were being inspected. It is very interesting to see how engineers paint the panels and put wallpaper on planes. Finally, I visited the paint shop; to understand how they paint and apply special decals on airplanes. I saw the Emirates UAE 50th special anniversary livery in the paint shop too. I would like to dedicate this vlog to all the hard-working engineers, who work day and night to ensure the planes are well maintained and safe to fly.

Ultra Long Haul - Air New Zealand B787 New York to Auckland Flight


Air New Zealand has just launched non-stop flights between New York and Auckland, New Zealand. I was invited to fly on the inaugural flight which is currently the fourth longest flight in the world. The flight time was 16 hours 35 minutes. The video documents the whole flight experience from takeoff to landing. However, the inaugural did suffer a setback with a storm enroute which required additional fuel for safety so some bags were left behind. The current inward-facing Business Class seat on Air New Zealand will be replaced by a new product in 2024. I visited the new Skynest mock-up in Auckland. For the first time ever, economy class passengers are going to have the option of stretching out for some sleep on actual beds during their flight. There are also some great views of JFK Airport and New York City from the helicopter by ZIP Aviation in this video. 🤍

Saudi Arabia's New National Airline - Riyadh Air Takes Flight


Riyadh Air made its international debut at the Paris Airshow with a striking purple Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The new airline has plans to carry more than 100 million passengers with a network of more than 100 destinations by the end of the decade. It placed a large order with Boeing for 787-9 Dreamliner jets in March, with 39 confirmed orders and 33 options. The airline CEO Tony Douglas recently said more orders for planes were being discussed with manufacturers. The airline is targeting the launch of its first commercial services in 2025. CEO Tony Douglas has mentioned it plans to focus on the needs of the Saudi market rather than trying to compete with its bigger rivals like Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Flying The World's Biggest Turboprop - Antonov An-22


This is a video of flying inside the world's largest turboprop – the Antonov An-22 Antei. Join me on this incredible flight from Leipzig to Bremen on the An-22. The plane picked up a special bus shipment in Bremen and we flew back to Leipzig. A total of 20 strong crew operates the Antonov An-22, including 6 cockpit crew. The An-22 is not only the biggest turboprop aircraft in the world but also it was the FIRST WIDE-BODY aircraft in the world! The plane is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-12 engines, each driving a pair of contra-rotating propellers with their unique sound. The An-22 holds a Guinness World record with a max payload of 250 ton (551,156 lb). It is the only widebody freighter capable of operations at airports with unpaved runways or a remote airstrip. For more information, please visit my blog: 🤍

The Best of Paris Air Show 2023 - Salon du Bourget


A full detailed review of the Paris Air Show 2023. Join me for all the Paris Air Show highlights and the flying displays in this video. Watch Boeing 777X, Boeing 737 MAX 10, Airbus A321XLR, Embraer E2, Dassault Falcon 6X, Patrouille de France, and many more in flying action. Join me for new aircraft cabin tour given by industry experts including Boeing 777X, Riyadh Air B787, Boeing 737 MAX 10, Qatar Executive A319CJ, Air France A220. In addition, there are demos on how aviation can achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and new EVTOL providers such as Wisk Aero. At the end of the show, I visited the Air and Space Museum (Musée de l'air et de l'espace) at Le Bourget, which houses 2 Concorde and many more interesting aircraft. 🤍

SWISS B777 First Class Luxury Flight Zurich to Hong Kong


Follow my journey onboard Swiss B777-300/ER First Class from Zurich to Hong Kong. The video also include a visit of the luxury Swiss First Class Lounge in Terminal E at Zurich. For more information on cheap Lufthansa/Swiss flight: 🤍

What's Flying RwandAir and the Country Rwanda Like?


Last week, I flew on RwandAir A330-300 to Rwanda. Find out from my video what flying RwandAir is like? The RwandAir A330 has 3 classes; business, premium economy and economy class. During my flight, I checked out the meals, services and seats on RwandAir. Kigali International Airport has a tabletop runway over 5,000 ft above sea level. We had low visibility with less than 1km on landing in the morning. After landing, I travelled to my hotel at the One & Only Gorilla’s Nest. It is one of the best luxury accommodations in Rwanda. The next morning, I hiked in the Volcanoes national park to see gorillas. It was a unique opportunity to watch gorillas from a close distance. Rwanda is one of only three countries in Africa where you can see gorillas. Finally, I took an August 109 helicopter of Akagera Aviation back to Kigali Airport. During the helicopter flight, I saw the many hills of Rwanda. I departed Rwanda on RwandAir Dash8-Q400 to Nairobi. Next week, I will be flying a 46 year old B727 classic in Kenya. Full written review of RwandAir: 🤍

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