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Red Line Buses | Electric Bus Service | Bus Stops Name | Luxury Buses in Karachi @focus with fahim


#RedLineBuses #PeopleBusService #youtube Red Line Buses | Electric Bus Service | Bus Stops Name | Luxury Buses in Karachi 🤍focus with fahim ریڈ لائن بس کے 6 روٹس کی مکمل سٹاپس کی تفصیلات 6 Red Bus routes with stops name famous Karachi Street Karachi famous Street Only For Business Inquiries & Business promotion Email me at: fahimsiddiqi71🤍 Red Line Buses | People's Bus Service | Complete Stop Name | Big News for Karachi peoples bus service bus service in karachi peoples bus service karachi Red Bus Karachi (Peoples Bus Service) Route Maps The Sindh Government is about to launch much needed public transit service in Karachi. These New Buses in Karachi have a banner name as “Peoples Bus Service”. These Red Buses in Karachi will move on to 6 different routes, connecting major residentials hubs with Industrial and Business Centers. Centralized Air-Conditioned Red Buses will have the seating capacity of around 40 persons with dedicated spaces for Ladies along with standing capacity of around 40 more persons. Peoples Bus Service will have fare structure of between PKR 20 to 60 per person depending on the trip length. In the first phase, 140 buses will run on two routes i.e. Route 1 (From Model Colony to Tower; 29.5 kms) and Route 3 (Nagan Chowrangi to Singer Chowrangi; 33 kms) for which the test run has been completed. In the second phase, further 110 buses, to make the total of 250 buses, will operate on complete 6 routes in Karachi. The details of each routes have been defined in table below. Route No.; Length (km); Phase; Terminals; Route Route 1, 29.5, Phase 1 (Operational), Model Colony to Tower, Model Colony to Tower: via Malir Halt, Colony Gate, Nata Khan Bridge, Drigh Road Station, PAF Base Faisal, Laal Kothi, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Regent Plaza, JPMC, Cantt Station, Metropole, Regal Chowk and Aram Bagh Route 2, 32.9, Phase 2, North Karachi to Indus Hospital, North Karachi to Indus Hospital: via Nagan Chowrangi, Shafiq Morr, Sohrab Goth, Gulshan Chowrangi, NIPA, Johar Morr, COD, Drigh Road Station, Colony Gate, Shah Faisal Colony, Singer Chowrangi and Landhi Road Route 3, 33, Phase 1 (Operational), Nagan Chowrangi to Singer Chowrangi, Nagan Chowrangi to Singer Chowranei: via Anda Morr, North Nazimabad Town, KDA Chowrangi, Nazimabad Town, Liaquatabad 10 Number, Eissa Nagri, Civic Centre, National Stadium, Karsaz, Nursery, FTC, Korangi Road, KPT Interchange and Shan Chowrangi Route 4, 25.9, Phase 2, Mosamiyat to Dock Yard, Mosamiyat to Dock Yard: via Gulzar-e-Hijri, Motorway M-9, Al-Asif Square, Ayesha Manzil, Federal B Area, Liaquatabad 10 Number, Lalu Khait, Guru Mandir, Society Chowrangi, Empress Market, Sindh High Court, Art Council, I.I. Chundrigarh Road and Tower Route 5, 28.2, Phase 2, Surjani Town to Masroor Base, Surjani Town to Masroor: via New Karachi, Shafiq Morr, KMDC, Ziauddin Chowrangi KDA Chowrangi, Musa Colony, Manghopir, SITE Area and Gulbai Route 6, 29.6, Phase 2, Gulshan-e-Bihar Orangi to Singer Chowrangi, Gulshan-e-Bihar Orangi to Singer Chowrangi: via Orangi Town, Banaras, Paposh Nagar, SITE Area, Golimar, Garden, PIB Colony, Jail Chowrangi, Bahadurabad, Baloch Colony, Mehmoodabad, Manzoor Colony, DHA Phase I, KPT Interchange and Shan Chowrangi #motoVlog #motorcycle #motorbike #hondaCD70 #superStar #CD70 #nightview #viralvideo #videoviral #youtubevideo #youtube #streetview #bridgeview #Youtube #videooftheday #videography #video #viralpost #viral #youtubers #youth Karachi Walon k Lie Bari Khush Khabri Hybrid-Electric Buses Hybrid buses in karachi 2022 People's Bus Service Karachi all set to get First Fleet of Hybrid-Electric Buses Higer Bus #bus #busreview #karachi #eletricbus #busvideo #bus travel #travel People's Bus Service Project Start Luxury Buses on Karachi Street Karachi Transport Electric Bus Nay Karachi May Dhoom Machaa De 2022 #AlmightyAllah #USA #UK #fahimsiddiqi #vivo bus,bus review,bus vlog,bus video,bus travel,bus review karachi,karachi bus video,new bus video,new bus karachi,bus traveling,bus visit,bus tour,new bus service,bus travel 2022,bus services,bus karachi electronic,electric bus,electric bus 2022,electric bus new,visit bus,bus review tourist,bus karachi public,buses,bus karachi local,local bus,electronic bus service,bus public review #karachicircularrailway,#karachitransport,#karachipublic,#pakistantreval,#publicawearness,#karachiprogress,#minipakistan,#pakistanvlog,#karchitransport,#karachities,#karachiproject,#karachistreet,#karachiprogress,#karachievent,#karcahiroad,#karachigoodnews,#karachinews,cp,peoplebusservices,#greenline,karachibrt,#karachimodrenbuses,#karachitransportbuses,karachinewbuses,#karachipublictransport,#peoplebusroutes,#karachinewbusesroutes,#ppp,karachimodrenbuses,karachilocaltransport I am Fahim Siddiqi. Award winning Photojournalist and now a YouTuber. 25 years experience in Journalism. My pictures exhibit in London and Germany. My coffee table book "Karachi Legacies of Empires"

Redline Buses | Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking | (PN52 XBP) | Reversing into Yard


This video was recorded by my dad with his iPhone 13 Pro max, if interested Hope you enjoyed 😀 This East Lancs Vyking B7 Is an ex Richardsons vehicle if interested. (I HAD PERMISSION TO ENTER THE YARD)

*Bus tour* Redline buses Volvo B9TL/Optare ELC Olympus (PO58 NPP) Walk around and look!


Here we have an Ex Ensignbus Volvo B9TL East Lancs Olympus. One of 4 of Redlines B9’s 1 - PO58 NPP (this one) 2 PO58 NPJ 3 PL08 YMA 4 PL08 YLZ *REDLINE GAVE ME PERMISSION TO ENTER THE YARD* Thanks to RedRoseDart for the music - go subscribe to him! Subscribe!

Redline buses | SK52 MPU | Volvo B7TL Alexander (Transbus) ALX400 |Walk around! |


Here we have a Nice B7TL From Redline buses *I had permission to be let into the yard* I had a walk around both yards and, the fleet is very good even saw SN53 LWR That’s had Decker livery 😂😂 Like & subscribe! 🌹

Bus tour! | Redline buses | Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President (X154 FBB)


We have lovely B7TL (7.3 Euro 2) Plaxton president bodied bus, Ex Go-Ahead (VP5) (X154FBB) brought by Redline 7 years ago! Probably the best conditioned One at Redline buses, Along side Y703 TGH & Y734 TGH *I HAD PERMISSION TO ENTER THE YARD* Music Supplied by - 🤍RedRoseDart 💚subscribe💙

NEW ROUTE, TRANSFER + FULL THRASH | Redline Buses ADL Enviro200 MMC/E20D, SW16 BUS | Route X20


27/9/2021 One of 3 acquired from Whitelaws Coaches in Scotland for X20 along with GW16 BUS and JW16 BUS. Sister company Red Rose Travel also have 3 from Whitelaws for the 17: GW65 GSW, JW65 GSW and SF66 ARW In short, the X20 is a new competitor to the 280 following the X8 routing but only runs once an hour, skipping Haddenham and Wheatley villages (serving only motorway service station for Wheatley). For some reason it doesn’t serve Oxford Rail Station, instead it does a loop up Oxpens Road, Park End Street and terminate by Westgate, then resume to Aylesbury via Speedwell Street and St Aldates For those confused about Intalink Explorer rules, they’re exactly the same as 280, which is they’re accepted and sold on the whole route. Although drivers might not know, so they may have to phone depot to check before sale #BucksAndBorders This bus was working Route X20: Aylesbury, Friars Square Bus Station (Bay 4) - Oxford, Westgate (Stop M5) avoiding Haddenhan and Wheatley villages © Chiltern Transport Productions 2021

Redline buses L983 MSC. Walk around & Goodbyes


Redline buses L983 MSC. This was recorded on the 31st April 2022. So a little bit late apologies. The bus was taken away and removed from the fleet on the 1st May 2022. And will be used in France 🇫🇷 as an open top bus, And I hope they’ll take care of it. However The french don’t take care of they’re cars 😥😬. And for the other Olympian (T309 ORP) That was taken away To Peterborough, I wasn’t able to Record that because it went before this did. Subscribe thanks!

Redline Buses Aylesbury


KH55 KMH in new redline livery.

Malir to Numaish Transport Project | BRT Red line Project | Redline Buses


Malir to Numaish Transport Project BRT Red line Project Redline Buses #karachi #karachinews #karachidevelopment #karachitransport #kmc #redline #orangeline #greenline #blueline #yallowline 🤍ChaltayPhirtay Like share or support our YouTube channel Facebook 👉👉 Chaltayphirtay2020 YouTube 👉 👉 chaltayphirtay Follow 👉 👉 chaltay_phirtay2020

Buses in Aylesbury 22/10/2021


Buses in Aylesbury, around the junction of Station Way, Friarage Road and Great Western Street outside the bus station, on 22nd October 2021. Redline and Red Rose Travel have increased their competition with Arriva in recent times, particularly with Redline's route 130 to High Wycombe with both that and Arriva's 300 providing frequent services. Meanwhile route 9 is the only remaining town service run by Arriva, everything else being in the hands of the 'Red group' or the smaller independent operators. Operators and routes: Arriva Midlands & Shires: 9, 150, 280, 300, X60 Arriva Southern Counties: 500 Red Eagle: 61, 62 Redline: 2, 4, 6, 14, 120, 130 Red Rose Travel: 7, 10, 16, 50, 60, 101 and Silver Rider SR1 Star Travel: 5, 194 Z&S Transport: K1 Bus types: Alexander Dennis Enviro200 Alexander Dennis Enviro400 and Enviro400 MMC DAF DB250LF / Wrightbus Gemini Dennis Dart SLF / MCV Evolution Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2 MPD Optare Solo Scania N94UB / East Lancs Esteem Scania K230UB4 / Wrightbus Solar VDL Bus SB200 / Wrightbus Pulsar and Pulsar 2 Volvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400 Volvo B7TL / East Lancs Vyking 🤍

Buses of England 2020-Milton Keynes Bus Station with Arriva, Stagecoach, Redline, Vale & Z&S Coaches


A trip to Milton Keynes a couple of days ago gave me the chance to get some bus action on film. We are at Milton Keynes Railway Station which conveniently has a bus station right outside! Arriva are the dominant operator in Milton Keynes but Stagecoach work the X5 coach service from Bedford to Oxford as well as express bus service X6. Vale Travel, Redline Buses and Z&S Transport also operate local routes in the area. In this upload we also see an ex Abellio London Enviro 200 Dart in service with Redline still in red London livery! plenty of other vehicle variety including Optares, Streetlite's and Volvo's. If you liked the video please subscribe to my channel, there are lots more transport & quirky vids to upload!

This is what really happens on REDLINE buses.


Here's me and some of my mates recording my bus, literally falling to pieces eg. A windows just randomly falls out after it popped out at school

Orange Line Bus Service | Red Busses In Karachi | Orange Line New Routes


The Orange Line is a large-scale transportation brt orange line project based on many essential bus lines that connect major locations in Karachi. The Sindh government has begun providing much-needed public transportation in Karachi. These new buses in Karachi are known as "Peoples Bus Service." Red Buses are traveling on ten different routes, connecting important residential areas with industrial and business centers. Centralized Air-Conditioned Red Buses feature a sitting capacity of around 40 people, with special spots for ladies, and a standing capacity of approximately 40 more people. Peoples Bus Service charges a route set cost of PKR 50 per person each ride. The new routes are addressed in the video. Watch BRT orange line current update aur shehar e karachi orange line bus project kab release kia jayega and watch currently orange line bus karachi updates

People's Bus Service New Routes Introduced By Sindh Government | Karachi Luxury Buses


People's Bus Service New Routes Introduced By Sindh Government Karachi Luxury Buses #karachinews #karachipublictransport #karachipeoplebusservice #karachibrt #karachigreenline 🤍ChaltayPhirtay Like share or support our YouTube channel Facebook 👉👉 Chaltayphirtay2020 YouTube 👉 👉 chaltayphirtay Follow 👉 👉 chaltay_phirtay2020

COOLING FAN | Redline Buses Plaxton President/Volvo B7TL, Y734 TGH | Route 110


7/5/2021 Former London Central PVL134 As the title suggests, this thing is a hoover. Didn’t used to be though. Not worth the £4.30 single in my eyes... This video barely qualifies for #BucksAndBorders but due to a tiny part of Oxfordshire served in North Weston and Thame, it does. Everything else is in Buckinghamshire, the entire video was filmed just after crossing back into Bucks from Oxon between Long Crendon and Aylesbury The reason this is nearly 20 mins long despite the hoovering I can’t stand is because I’ve decided to keep in the scenery as well as thrash so you can see what most of the 110 is like as a route. To me, it’s ok, it has its good moments but would be much better on an ex Metroline TE The 120 also links Worminghall directly with Aylesbury once a day as part of a school diagram, the only difference being 120 goes via Haddenham and 110 goes via Long Crendon. This working switched from a school version 120 to 110 at Worminghall This bus was working Route 110: Worminghall, The Avenue - Aylesbury, Friars Square Bus Station (Bay 11) via Thame and Long Crendon © Chiltern Transport Productions 2021

*BUS TOUR* Redline Buses (LK55 KKD) (ADL Trident) Alexander Dennis Enviro 400.


*HAD PERMISSION FROM REDLINE TO ENTER THE YARD* We have a lovely Ex metroLine (TE672) ADL Enviro 400 Trident redline have 4, this one being LK55 KKD, LK55 KKH, LK55 KKZ, LK06 FLB. Used to have 5, LK55 KKL But now it’s permanently at RedRose travel with mixed livery Redline/RedRose badges

Redline buses | Volvo B7TL Plaxton president (Y703 TGH) Bus tour!


Here we have one of 3 of redlines Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents! (Y703 TGH) More walk around and reviews coming, don’t forget to watch!

Red Line Buses | BRT Redline Project Karachi | Metro Bus Service | Red line | Connect with Zafar


#redline #redlinmetro #brt #redlinebrt Red Line Bus service in Karachi is a part of a king-size project of Karachi Breeze. Karachi Breeze is a mass transit system to connect the major arteries of the Metropolitan and resolve the congested traffic roads. Based on the government’s green initiative, the premier sustainable project received massive funding from the UN Green Climate Fund. Fueled by the biomethane renewable gas with zero carbon emissions. This great initiative would help the government solve the traffic problems on the one hand. Besides, it would help the government achieve the sustainable goals of reducing Green House Gases (GHGs) in the central industrial hub of Pakistan. KARACHI BREEZE Karachi Breeze is a mass transit project that began in 2016 with the Green Metro bus line project. However, this project was extended further in different periods to add more transport projects. Currently, five transportation projects have become a crucial part of this project. For example, this massive project has included the Green Line, Yellow Line, Orange Line, Blue Line, and Redline projects. The work on Red Line Project began in 2021, expected to complete by 2023. This project is hailed by many stakeholders nationally and worldwide as it will help them combat environmental concerns and support many daily commuters in the metropolitan. RED LINE BRT KARACHI ROUTE MAP The Redline bus project route will have two corridors. One corridor starts from Malir Halt to Numaish Numaish Chowrangi. Another Corridor will begin from Numaish Chowrangi, extending to the Tower. With 16 Metro stations, the distance between each metro line will be 1 Kilometer. Moreover, the plantation of 25,000 trees is a part of this eco-friendly project. The 29-km long red line bus route will have 24 metro bus stops, allowing the local buses to enter and exit specific points. Moreover, this extensive Redline project will provide access to the major road networks like ten overhead bridges, seven underpasses, and thirteen key interchanges. My friends, this is your own channel Connect with Zafar. You are my YouTube family and very respectful. You can watch amazing, informative and sometimes historical places in my videos. You can watch amazing cinematic styled videos on connect with zafar channel.

redline buses denis dart fails to start


Created by InShot:🤍

Good News For Karachi | Red Line Bus service works begins finally | Red Line BRT


Good News For Karachi | Red Line Bus service works begins finally | Red Line BRT #Karachi #RedLineBus #BRT #breakingnews KARACHI | karachi news | karachi today news | karachi updates | Red Line Bus | Red Line Bus service works | Red Line BRT | karachi red line | karachi red line bus route | red line bus route | karachi red line bus stop | karachi red line bus start | red line bus start | bilawal bhutto red line bus | bilawal bhutto | sindh government | pakistan news | sindh news | bol news | bol tv | breaking news | today live | imran khan live | bol news updates | bol breaking news For the Latest Updates visit our Websites and Social Media: -English News: 🤍 -Urdu News: 🤍 -Official Facebook: 🤍 -Official Twitter: 🤍 -Official Instagram: 🤍 -Latest News: 🤍 -Pakistan News: 🤍 -International News: 🤍 -Business News: 🤍 -Entertainment News: 🤍 -Sports News: 🤍 -Technology News: 🤍 -Health News: 🤍 -Amazing News: 🤍 -Trending News: 🤍 -Bollywood News: 🤍 -Watch BOL NEWS LIVE: 🤍 Official Facebook: 🤍 Official Twitter: 🤍 Official Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 BOL News Official YouTube Channel, For more videos, subscribe to our channel and for suggestions please use the comment section.

*Bus Tour* Redline buses Volvo Olympian (Alexander RH) (L983MSC)


L983 was supposed to be withdrawn last week, maybe my convincing Paid off, for redline to keep both L983 & T309. Both very good buses and hope they are kept by redline. [I HAD PERMISSION TO ENTER THE YARD]

*Decent ride* Redline buses ADL Enviro 200 MMC (JW16 BUS)


Once again another ride on JW16 BUS An MMC not a fan of these quite unhealthy and boring but I got a free ride on it from Aylesbury bus station - Stone. Thanks for watching Subscribe

BRT Red line Project Karachi | Luxurious Buses Project | Karachi Transportation | Sindh Government


BRT Red line Project Karachi Luxurious Buses Project Karachi Transportation Sindh Government #karachiredline #redline #karachibrt #karachitransport #karachi #Greenline #blueline #yallowline #orangeline #Karachimodrentransport #karachidevelopment Like share or support our YouTube channel Facebook 👉👉 Chaltayphirtay2020 YouTube 👉 👉 chaltayphirtay Follow 👉 👉 chaltay_phirtay2020

Buses in Aylesbury February 2022


The buses are Arriva buses, Redline buses, Red Rose buses, Red Eagle buses and Star Travel buses.

Fuji view redline bus


Red Line Peoples Bus Service Complete Information and Tour


Red Line Peoples Bus Service Complete Information and Tour #orangelinebus #brtbus #busrapidtrasit #yellowlinebus #greenlinebus #redlinebus #bluelinebus #redlinebus #peoplesbusservice #Motovlog #Biketraveling #biketour #Pakistantour #Traveling #kpkstreetview #giltilstreetview #Naran #Kaghan #Naltervalley #Kalash #mastooj #booni #Kumrat #waterfall #islamabad #pindi #bhamborate #mardan #sawat #malakand #abatabad #muzaffarabad #Babusartop #Hotel #restaurant #Amazingtour #Bikeadventure Dear Super Subscribers Assalamo-Alaikum MASTER EYE brings for you the new videos and some tips and tricks some of them politics some of them accident and street view of Karachi City, where I mount a helmet camera on my helmet so it can record anything for you as a fun and entertainments.

*Thrash* Redline buses ADL Enviro 200 MMC (SW16 BUS) Ride on X20 Thame - Stone


Here we have one of four of Redlines E200 MMC’s (SW16 BUS) GW16 BUS JW16 BUS & WH66 BUS This driver was crazy! - Didn check his Mirrors while pulling away from the bus stop in Thame, cutting off a van. I Love these drivers that Go “All hellfire” And literally go for it 😅😆 Was on the X20 From Thame - Stone (Nr Aylesbury) Total Cost (£1.80) Thrash along Oxford road to Stone & Through town. ❤️Thanks for watching❤️t

THRASH!! Redline Buses V185OOE - Route 321


Recorded date - 25/6/2019 Redline Buses V185OOE Volvo B7TL/Alexander Dennis ALX400 Route 321 High Wycome Bus Station - Aylesbury Bus Station On the first day of my summer trip i started off in the Buckinghamshire areas of High Wycombe and Aylesbury with my plan being to tick off some of Arrivas older buses, what i hadn't banked on however was it being one of the hottest days England has had for a long time and as a result buses were overheating everywhere including the stuff i was after. As a result of that it became more of a get what i can day and when this Volvo B7TL/ALX400 turned up on the 321 i knew it was a case of get it now or i'll regret it later. This is V185OOE (New to London United as VA69) working the 13:45 321 from High Wycombe to Aylesbury, at 4:10 it turns off a roundabout onto a road that leads to the thrashy section.

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