FIRST ICE RED LAKE 2022! (ice fishing walleye)



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#icefishing #redlake #winter #earlyice ICE FISHING IS BACK! I'm so fired up for the rest of the Ice SZN! Happy Days - Sobi Thank you so much for Subscribing! St. Paul Ice Show Meet- Up SATURDAY 4-6 pm at the Clam Booth I'm giving away Big Prizes this year, hope to see you there! St. Paul Ice Show Address St. Paul RiverCentre 175 W Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN 55102 Red Lake Slammers (tikka minnow) - 🤍 ~NEW ICE RODS! - 🤍 ~ ALL MY ICE FISHING TACKLE/ ICE FISHING GEAR - 🤍 ~ AWESOME OPEN WATER & ICE CLOTHING (Blackfish Gear)~🤍 My NEW Ice House (Nanook XT Thermal) - 🤍 My Vexilar FLX 30 (Ice Fishing Sonar/Fish finder Unit) 🤍 My Power Source - 🤍 Best Fish Fry Batter in the game! - 🤍 OFF ROAD WORK HORSE UTV Polaris Ranger - 🤍 Snowdog Ice Fishing Machine - 🤍 - Follow me on Instagram and TikTok for behind the scenes Shenanigans! Insta: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍

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FIRST ICE RED LAKE 2022! (ice fishing walleye)
FIRST ICE RED LAKE 2022! (ice fishing walleye)
FIRST ICE RED LAKE 2022! (ice fishing walleye)
FIRST ICE RED LAKE 2022! (ice fishing walleye)
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2023-11-19 15:13:58

SKOL baby

2023-11-01 16:29:07

Inflatable life vest is a great add on
They don't weigh nothing

2023-10-27 12:35:56

Hey at least we don't let tribes tell us where we can fish in Wisconsin. What a joke, no white guys on this part of the lake. All the while enjoying that warm blanket of protection our veterans bleed for. Disgusting, but then again it's liberal Minnesota we're talking about here so no surprises. You guys enjoy those two tip ups this upcoming winter😂

2023-04-08 04:28:00

SKOL FROM PA!!! FTP!! Hahaha love ur videos brother!!!

2023-02-14 05:45:02

That's not Red Lake BC! Nice fish!

2022-12-31 06:01:43

How'd that last vikes lions game go for ya bud? See you in the playoffs!

2022-12-29 07:46:34

SKOL BABY!! LETS HIT A GAME SOMETIME! (Season ticket holder)

2022-12-29 02:01:34

90 percent of the fish are in 5 percent of the water

2022-12-13 11:46:44

You should try lake Erie in ohio

2022-12-08 05:48:39

😂😂😂 luv it Sobi

2022-12-06 15:46:24

or you fair weather fans can get your purple garb out only when they are doing well!!!!!

2022-12-06 01:17:29

Go Vik’s

2022-12-06 00:47:32

Great video!👍
I like the trip scenes too!🎣👍

2022-12-01 21:23:23

Should have put the crocs in off road mode

2022-11-30 18:49:21

Definitely a Nice burn!!! 😂 however I’ll take the state of Wisconsin any day over Minnesota’s communist controlled government. Good luck with that.

2022-11-30 06:35:52

I remember those days jacked up to ice fish, wake up at wee hours in the morning to travel and be totally stoked. It starts to get old as years pass. Hopefully you can make some coin pushing sponsors before that burn out inevitably unfortunately comes. Cheers

2022-11-30 04:54:31

SEE YOU AT THE MEET UP SOBI! Last years Meet Up was a Blast!

2022-11-30 00:35:54

What size Kdrill do you run? I picked up the 7.5in and fish mostly panfish and walleye but can’t decide if I got back for the 8.5in one

2022-11-29 17:49:45

Man, i used to like your content until the Vikings stuff...J/K!! LOL.. I guess as a Packers fan we will give you guys your moment. On fishing note, can't wait to get on the ice.

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